GUI application for exploring fluid simulations

3D simulation data generated using simViewer and rendered using Blender

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The application is a GUI application that allows users to experiment on the fly with different fluid simulation parameters. Two methods are currently implemented, Jos Stam’s “Stable Fluids” [1] and a generic Lattice Boltzmann Method inspired by “Fast and Scalable Turbulent Flow with Two-Way Coupling” [2]. It supports 2D simulation and visualization of fluid flow and 3D simulation without visualization of fluid flow for the NS solver. It supports 2D simulation and visualization of fluid flow and density for the Lattice Boltzmann solver. The Lattice Boltzmann Method is implemented in CUDA so a CUDA capable GPU is required to run the software.

Simulation data can be cached in .PNG format for 2D data and .vdb for 3D data. The .vdb data can be imported into an application like Blender for rendering.

On the left, a 2D smoke simulation generated using Jos Stam's "Stable Fluids". Right, a sound wave is generated from a .wav file and its propagation and interaction with a stationary triangle is simulated using the Lattice Boltzmann Method.


[1] Stam, J. (1999, July). Stable fluids. In Proceedings of the 26th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques (pp. 121-128).

[2] Li, W., Chen, Y., Desbrun, M., Zheng, C., & Liu, X. (2020). Fast and scalable turbulent flow simulation with two-way coupling. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 39(4), Art-No.